MCS 319: Self-Defense For Seniors


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As we said a couple of podcasts ago, none of us is getting any younger.

You know what they say about getting older:

...It sure beats the alternative!

But as you age, you can't rely on size and strength like you once did.

When it comes to self-defense, that means you can't "muscle through" techniques.

Even when using weapons...

...A gun that you could handle when you were younger might become more difficult to operate or fire as you age.

And this is just the beginning of the things you'll have to overcome and adapt to if you want to protect yourself as you get older!

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to offer 5 tips for all of us hitting and passing middle age that will help us better protect ourselves as we get older.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The common myth about self-defense that you have to discard when you're no longer a young person.
  • The one weapon that offers the most power... with the least amount of muscle... that ISN'T a gun!

  • Why a common tenet of self-defense advice becomes that much more important as you age.

  • How an Amazon Alexa or other technology could help make you more protected as a person!

  • Why a popular meme holds the key to defending yourself in a world where senior citizens are often targeted for crime...

It's easy to feel indestructible when you're young and healthy.

As you get older, though, you also need to get "wiser" when it comes to self-defense... and this podcast will help you do that.

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