MCS 313: Reader Gun Training Tips


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Last week, I covered survival tips from our readers, listeners, and followers.

This week, we're talking GUNS.

And I've learned some incredibly useful gun training tips from YOU.

Remember, as we transition away from the MCS brand...

...we're looking for your input now more than ever.

And these 5 gun training tips represent just how much knowledge YOU have to share.

That's right:

As much time as I spend training and learning about self-defense, these are just 5 of the tips from our readers, listeners, and followers that made a big difference for me.

In this week's podcast episode, I describe these 5 tips and explain how they changed my own approach to these aspects of self-defense and firearms training.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The simple gun training tip that can take you out into your own driveway.
  • How your hatred for a specific television character can help you train with your gun!

  • How to use your bedroom door to refine your draw against an armed attacker.

  • A dirt-cheap way to simulate the effects of adrenaline in a real gunfight!

  • A trick for figuring out if you're pulling left or right when you shoot... that's so simple you won't believe it!

This episode, like last week's, is near and dear to me... because it shows just how much our readers, listeners, and followers participate in what we do here.

Tune in now and, if you have your own tip, share it on our blog!

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