MCS 316: 3 Tactical Tips Vs. Multiple Attacker Home Invasion


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I got a question in our "tactical question box" recently.

One of our followers wanted to know...

...How to deal with a multiple attacker home invasion!

This is, of course, AFTER you've secured your loved ones and called 911.

If you're about to face multiple aggressors in your own home with a firearm...

...What are the first, second, and third things you need to do to stay alive?

Especially now, with as crazy as things have gotten out in the world, this is an important topic.

And it's one that a LOT of us have on our minds now.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson describes 3 tactical tips you can use to give yourself an edge in one of the worst-case scenarios for self-defense: a home invasion when you're facing multiple threats!

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The one thing you HAVE to know about the layout of your own home in a home invasion.
  • How you can change the furniture in your house for a "tactical advantage"!

  • The weird thing that chairs, tables, and even your attackers have in common!

  • How you can use a personal defense alarm as a distraction... even if it doesn't work.

  • Why you may need to stop an attacker with just one shot... and the brutal math that supports this problem.

Nobody wants to think about dealing with a home invasion, but this is a serious threat.

Listen to this week's episode so you'll know what to do if multiple thugs smash down YOUR door.

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