051. Body Image Tips For Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin (SOLO EPISODE)


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In this episode we sit down with....Me! It’s just you + me in this solo episode.

Body image can feel EXTRA confusing + frustrating for so many of us.

When it comes to dietitians, nutritionists and eating disorder recovery specialists, body image is one of the pieces of the puzzle that is commonly outsourced. This even shows up in the Intuitive Eating space amongst many professionals.

Why is this the case??? Why does negative body image plague so many of us even when we’ve healed our relationship with food? And is it something that we’re predestined to struggle with for the rest of our life?

These are some of the questions that I’m digging into in this solo episode + PRACTICAL action items that you can begin applying right now in your own life, so that you can begin feeling more comfortable & at peace in your skin.

Grab a notepad + a cup of tea for this one if you can. Let’s dive in!

A snippet of what we talk about:

● Explanation of the definition of body image + root cause of most body image discomfort.

● Why curiosity and self-compassion are essential for healing & how to implement these tools more often.

● 9 practical action items for your own body image work, so that you can begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

● An overview of the unlearning/relearning process when it comes to our relationship with our bodies + mindset tips, habit suggestions and techniques for healing.

Ready to heal your relationship with food + body image?

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Resources I mention in this episode…

● Body image definition: "The subjective way we feel and perceive our body- functionality, how it looks and feels (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and actions). The way in which we experience the body we have. How a person feels in their body, no matter what their actual size is, accompanied by thoughts and feelings.”- Marci Evans

● Body Diverse Social Media Account Suggestions: Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life by Alissa Rumsey

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