Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom Gives Paper Mail a Digital Makeover


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Paper mail is still critical to the way businesses operate: 80% of companies still use paper checks, 70% of invoices travel by postal mail and 40% are sent by fax. But the Covid-19 pandemic has made managing that mail a lot trickier for many organizations and those challenges could last well into the future. Iron Mountain’s Digital Mailroom is a full document digitization service that converts an organization’s paper mail into digital documents. Those documents can then be routed electronically as well as tagged, searched, stored and archived according to information governance policies. In this podcast we learn more about how a digital service can relieve business managers of mailroom worries during Covid-19 and why this may be a good time to take a fresh look at the business benefits of digitizing documents at the point of delivery. Joining us are Iron Mountain’s Helene Fox, Senior Advisor for Global Technology and Anke Conzelmann, Director of Product Management.

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