These are the Top 5 Network Challenges of 2019. Are You Ready?


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With the volume of data that organizations collect expected to grow tenfold over the next six years, the challenge of accommodating so much new data while providing acceptable service levels and doing it all on a budget is front-and-center for IT executives.

Edge devices like sensors and cameras will generate data volumes that exceed the capacity of many of today’s enterprise networks and will require rethinking how many applications are built. Networks will need to scale up and down flexibly and economically. Many new cloud migration options are springing up, giving customers choice but also creating network complexity. These factors need to be managed within the context of an increasingly demanding regulatory environment and growing cybersecurity challenges.

As general manager of network strategy and services at Iron Mountain, Frank Scalzo builds the resilient and scalable networks that customers will need years in the future. In a recent article on, Frank looked at the Top 5 Network Challenges of 2019. In this podcast, he tells Modern Governance host Paul Gillin why these challenges are so critical and how organizations can meet them.

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