A Technology Mental Check-up with Dr. Lori Whatley


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In this day in age our reliance on screens and technology are a part of life but perhaps it is something we lean on too much. Dr. Lori Whatley is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the effects of digital device usage for businesses and individuals. Her new book is titled Connected and Engaged: How to Manage Digital Distractions and Reconnect with the World around You.

Lori tells Hilaria and Daphne how to limit our children's reliance on devices while acknowledging the benefits that come from them. She discusses how technology affects children's anxiety and hyperactivity and she gives advice on how to give your kids some hands-on learning experiences.

Favorite Things:

Hilaria: Aveda Essential Oils

Daphne: Tanya Taylor's Mask Donations

Lori: Chanel Lipstick

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