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This week's incredible Mom Boss is Jessica Rolph, Cofounder and CEO of Lovevery, an award-winning children’s education company that makes play products that are designed by child development experts. Lovevery's toys are thoughtfully crafted, and rigorously tested to encourage inspired learning for kids at every age, starting from birth. If that’s not enough, this is Jessica’s second company! Prior to Lovevery, Jessica was the founding Partner and COO of Happy Family, helping to launch, build and lead Happy Family to its position as the #1 organic baby and toddler brand in the US.

Jessica talks to Hilaria and Daphne about her curiosity about the toys that her son was engaging led her to make toys for him. Plus, how she yearned for toys that did more than just entertain him, but actually guided his development. She discusses the fear of failing at starting this company but that the "engine" inside her drove her to put one foot in front of the other and tackle hurdles as they came, one by one. And that moms with great ideas should listen to that voice and follow their instincts when they know they're onto something special.

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