26: Your Privilege


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The Mom Bod Series

In this episode we talk about recovery from disordered eating and diet culture through the lens of unearned privilege. Healing requires access to resources of finances, time, insurance, and community support which can be challenging for many humans and an obstacle to achieving recovery and food freedom. We unpack the stereotypes of eating disorders as well as identify how stigmatizations and lack of privilege impede the identification of the need for help and the ability to access help as well as increase isolation for those suffering. We also interview Gloria Lucas, founder of Nalgona Positivity Pride, on how she came into her work of creating a platform and resources for people of color who are struggling with troubled eating, poor body-image, and access to services due to low-income. No person is exempt from cultural pressures and all people need to explore their relationship with food, so this episode is an important reminder that everyone has a story.

Our takeaway question is a takeaway challenge: check out Nalgona Positivity Pride’s website and Etsy shop and, if you are able, support her advocacy work with a shout out or purchase!

Gloria Lucas



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