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The “Your Story” Series

Today we are excited to welcome Vanessa Linn Hillis and hear their story of body acceptance or, as they bring up, the concept of body neutrality. This interview really dives into the many social constructs, especially gender ones, that impact our body story. We are all born as just bodies and souls and then social constructs, opinions of others, fears and skewed values from loved ones, all impact our awareness of our bodies and the development of our relationship with our bodies. Vanessa’s story highlights how commonplace it is for those assigned female at birth to have a negative body image and to participate in disparaging conversations with other females about our bodies, which confuses us in our pursuit of body neutrality, body trust, and appropriate separation from our body as our entire identity.

On the surface, it might seem as if one’s relationship with food and exploration of their gender identity seem unconnected, but, as you will hear Vanessa share, the nuanced connection is one that needs to be studied more and spoken of more often. Overall, the discomfort one feels of being in one’s body can come from a variety of sources and healing this discomfort comes from exactly what we are discussing this season: how one’s body story was developed and what steps they are taking to rewrite the story in a preferred narrative that makes them feel empowered, free, and the author of the story.


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