41: Your Story with Isis Freeman-Dirkson


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The “Your Story” Series

In this week's episode with Isis Freeman-Dirkson we discuss how the many layers of who we are, in addition to the lived experiences we have due to social constructs, can impact our body trust. We explore the power in healing our body image through logical thinking of understanding our body’s genetic components and the lies of the media BUT….healing the trauma in the body is so hard.

We discuss a concept called Wise Mind that is taught in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is a therapeutic modality that teaches skills on how to handle tough emotions with less reactivity. DBT teaches that there are two parts of our brains: the logical side (the facts of a situation) and the emotional side (the feelings, assumptions, and fears arise from a situation).

We find peace when we merge the two - we acknowledge our pain and our suffering AND we hold on to the knowledge of our genetic blueprint or life experiences that have impacted our body. It’s a constant merging of both facts and feelings so our brains and our bodies begin to work in unison to heal.

Your journal prompts for this week: What are the facts about fatphobia, weight stigma, our genetic makeup, societal expectations, family messages that are held in our brains? What are the emotions about how all those facts make us feel, the judgemental comments we have received, the beliefs we have about ourselves as a result of trauma or discrimination?


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