42: Your Story with Mia O'Malley


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The "Your Story" Series

Today we are welcoming Mom and advocate Mia O’Malley, who shares her story of a lifetime of dealing with fatphobia and body sized stigmas in the medical community and from loved ones from a young age. We are passionate about not only helping parents navigate body acceptance for themselves but also teaching them how to help their children find body acceptance so another generation is not impacted from weight stigma and body shaming.

We hope that hearing Mia’s story allows people to see the long term journey of healing that occurs when children’s body trust is interrupted and how painful that is. We also love Mia’s story of hope and how her healing actually began once she reached that “promised land of thinness” at her wedding, only to realize that it wasn't so idyllic after all. And now she has turned her story into advocacy for plus size Mom’s through fashion, positive birth experiences, and plus size babywearing. We hope this inspires many of you to learn to love and trust your body at any age, no matter what your childhood experience is. Healing is possible!


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