54: The Sexy Body Myth busted with Amber Allen


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The "Myth Busters" Series

A part of body acceptance (especially for Mom’s) is grappling with wondering if we are sexy or attractive and feeling confident in our bodies as sexual beings. So the myth we are busting in this week’s episode is “I cannot be sexually confident if I am not body confident.” We truly believe that all bodies are sexy BUT we also believe that to feel sexy or to be sexually confident isn’t actually about your body at all - it’s much more about a general sense of body attunement, knowing your body's needs and wants, and having radical body liberation and body neutrality. So we are going to share our thoughts on this myth and then we are interviewing Amber Allen, LMFT.

We believe that body image starts in the mind, not the body. Therefore, when we are able to heal from the negative societal messaging that we have internalized about our bodies, we are able to be more mindful about what feels best for us and attuned with not only our bodies but our partners bodies and the connection, as well. A journal prompt that we encourage you to consider as you navigate healing your body attunement in this area is “what are the values of beauty that I need to continue to release in order to become more body positive about my sexual body?”

Connect with Amber: http://www.newdaygroup.org/member/amber-allen/

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