55: The Wellness Myth busted with Kai Prins


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The "Myth Busters Series"

In this episode we are busting a myth about how pervasive the beauty industry is and how it can impact our relationship with our bodies and our self worth. We do a lot of episodes on busting myths about diets or food rules, but what about all those fancy words like “wellness industry?” and “but it’s a lifestyle change?” as well as all the products we are constantly being sold to change our appearance. So this week we are busting the myth that “we are not selling beauty products, we are selling a lifestyle change!”

While the diet industry can be easy to spot due to its primary focus being weight loss, the wellness or lifestyle industry is extremely varied: it includes lotions, face products, makeup, fitness clothes, vitamins, supplements, and the list goes on. As we navigate people’s MLM pitches, influencer’s product advertisements, or pop up ads on social media, with the underlying message that using their products will buy you a level of health and wellbeing, the difficult part to discern is what is true and what is not? What is fake advertising, what is new found science, and do we even need any of these products? Is the bottom line messaging of the wellness industry the same as the diet industry in that we live in a culture obsessed with beauty, bodies, sexuality, and appearance and whether it’s a diet or a face cream, they are all selling the same thing: change your body, feel better. We are excited to be taking a closer look at this entire industry with the host of the “Your Body, Your Brand” podcast Kai Prins and ponder whether or not the wellness and beauty industry are really all that different from the diet industry?


“(Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love” by Brooke Erin Duffy https://www.brookeduffy.com/books

Connect with Kai: www.kaiprins.com


Social media: @performingwoman

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