Visceral News Reactions


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As we kick off our August series, “Muslims in the News,” Zaiba and Uzma review past big headlines that affected their physical and mental safety. Ask yourself how news coverage would have been different, and HAS been different for non-Muslims suspects. When do Muslim Americans hold their collective breaths and why?

This is a series asking the hard questions about what we expect from the news and how biased news coverage can endanger Muslim American moms and their kids. Learn about their perpetual grief process and follow along this month as they highlight some solutions to prevent the dissemination of Islamophobic news coverage.

There’s slamming of our hands on the table--we apologize!


  1. Interim Recommendations for Fully Vaccinate People:
  2. Book mentions by Uzma: Mornings in Jenin and The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa
  3. Book mention by Zaiba: City of Brass by S.A. Chakroborty
  4. San Bernadino shooter coverage:
  5. John Ritzheimer and the Phoenix Masjid Free Speech Rally:
  6. Ahmed Mohammad and the atomic clock:
  7. Las Vegas shooting coverage:
  8. Phoenix doctor fired for speaking out:
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