MYM #67 Alicia Browning ~ Don't Forget to Work on Your Business While Working in Your Business


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In this episode I talked with Alicia Browning of Shearology Salon and Spa. This will probably go down as one of my favorite interviews. it was like an Oreo Cookie. Alicia was so experienced and knowledgeable. She started things right off the with some great advice about not getting so busy in your business that you forget to work on your business.
In the middle she shared how she was able to grow her business and increase Shearology's offering.
We talked about what she experienced dealing with Covid and the shut and how she handled it. It is crazy that she was subject so social bullying but as she put it, you can't please everybody.
Then Alicia finished it up with some more crunchy cookie goodness with a analogy about traffic lights. And there is so much more.

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