Monthly Breaks From Productivity - 5 Benefits.


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Discover why taking regular breaks from productivity is a good idea. Corresponding blogposts with all the links: Achieve your goals 3 weeks at a time: Support this podcast on Patreon: Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:53 - How we do montly breaks under the Monthly Method 01:55 - When you don’t take breaks from productivity 02:40 - Working during this week off 03:22 - Benefit #1: It prevents burnout. 04:57 - Benefit #2: It adds to the quality of your life. 06:24 - Benefit #3: You don’t rebel against the system. The key to consistency. 09:35 - Benefit #4: It gives you an opportunity to reflect on your sprint. 11:06 - Benefit #5: It allows you to think big. Get in touch:

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