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Today’s episode is brought to you by season 2 of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter from Realm.

(Content warning: depictions of domestic violence and emotional distress)

Intro transcript:

Hey folks - Cass McPhee here, co-producer of Moonbase Theta, Out. This week we're stepping way from the moon and into the… part-podcast studio, part-magical refuge that is Realm, to bring you another episode of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. This is the official continuation of the beloved Television show, which takes place eight years later. A dangerous genetic technology is stolen, and an unknown clone appears - forcing Cosima and the other clones to struggle for survival. The sound design is immersive and satisfying - a total treat for the ears - and the story grabs you from moment one and doesn’t let go.

I got to listen to an episode of Season 2, and my favourite thing so far is the way they’ve expanded the scope of the show by bringing in a bigger voice cast, which includes original TV show cast members Jordan Gavaris as Felix, Evelyne Brochu as Delphine, and Kristian Brunn as Donnie. If you’re a fan of MTO, this MAY be a familiar concept! (Don’t worry - Emmy award winning actress Tatiana Maslany is still voicing all the clones. So many clones.) And of course we love our queer rep around here, and with Delphine and Cosima (spoiler alert) expecting a child, we are HERE FOR IT.

Learn more about Orphan Black: The Next Chapter at, and be sure to listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. And stay tuned to the end of this episode to hear the season 2 trailer for Orphan Black.

Many thanks to Realm for their support.

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