PROJECT AUDION: The Life of Riley


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PROJECT AUDION #15: The Life of Riley

Project Audion came into existence about a year ago, formed as a result of the COVID pandemic, with creator Larry Groebe seeking a way to bring actors together and provide entertainment for folks stuck at home. In this fifteenth edition of the series, it's PA's recreation of the classic radio (later TV) situation comedy "The Life of Riley" and the charming 1950 episode "The Rileys' First Date” -- originally aired for Thanksgiving, but re-created for Valentine's Day, 2021. Audion’s edition comes complete with recreated laugh track.

Directed by Tom Wilkens, and starring a truly transcontinental cast:

Bob Beaumont, California Duane Noch, Oregon Patte Rosebank, Toronto Jack Ward, Nova Scotia John Mauldin, Tennessee Fern & Barry Katz, Florida Ken Raney, Texas Tom Wilkens, Illinois Trevor Rines, Canada The laugh track was developed by Dick Huitema in Florida, and the production was under the supervision of Larry Groebe in Texas

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