THE THIRD MAN (Lux Radio Remake)


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Here's the Narada Radio Company's very first entry for the Sonic Society's Summerstock Playhouse: a remake of the Lux Radio Theater's 1951 adaptation of Carol Reed's 1949 film, "The Third Man".

In case you didn't know, the Summerstock Playhouse brings you, every Summer, a handful of old-time radio remakes from modern-day audio drama producers. As I indicated above, this was our first entry. We've participated in every festival since 2015 and will be releasing more remakes this summer. Enjoy the show!


Announcer – Lisa Marie Ayala John Milton Kennedy – Larry Hutchison William Keighley – Christian Ferris Harry Lime – Pete Lutz Holly Martins – Alan Clower Major Calloway – Jason D. Johnson Sergeant Paine – Dana Gonsalves Baron Kurtz – Nick Wommack The Porter – Eric Lutz The Porter's Wife – Tamara Merson Wren Hotel Clerk – Kevin Schuster Anna Schmidt – Leanne King Landlady – Merilee Robinson Dr. Winkel – John Valadez Libby Collins, Hollywood Reporter – Darrin Ruiz Mr. Popescu – Jordan Bruster-Campo Viennese Bystander – Christian Ferris Little Boy – Bailey Roberts Father – Skeeter Ullmann Irene Winston, Actress – Kendra Womack Captain Brodsky – Carl Yowell German Policemen – Pete Lutz Priest – Dana Gonsalves

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