312 Is Investing in Real Estate Still Possible in This Housing Market? - Griffin Milks, Entrepreneur and Youtuber


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If you’ve been a listener for any amount of time then you know investing is one of my favourite topics. I’ve talked a lot about investing in stocks and index funds, but I haven't really tackled investing in real estate...until today’s episode! Joining me on the podcast is entrepreneur and real estate investor Griffin Milks. Griffin is 25 years old and has already bought 15 houses and flipped 3 of them. After landing a government job after graduating from the University of Ottawa, where he studied business and commerce, Griffin started his YouTube channel that focuses on personal finance, stock, and real estate investing. As his YouTube channel and real estate portfolio grew, he was able to leave his 9-to-5 and become a full-time entrepreneur.

In this episode, I pick Griffin’s mind about how he’s been able to build up a real estate portfolio at such a young age, and what his long-term strategy is. Griffin also shares his investing philosophy for building wealth and why he advocates for taking your time to do your research instead of getting sucked into the clickbaity world of TikTok and Reddit.

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