Pregame: Bummer Buys!


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Have you ever gone out and bought a record but the music just ain’t no good? This week we bring you BUMMER BUYS–our top 5 records that we bought and immediately regretted! Maybe we learned to love them later. Or maybe we liked them at first, but then later they became bummers. Maybe some we need to revisit. But most were just plain bad.

All this to get hyped for our next deep dive into a record that’s considered one of the worst of all time: The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World. That’s next week so don’t miss it!

Also, there’s a meaty Mars Volta discussion in this episode somewhere. Good stuff.

Our opening song is “Never Say Never Again” by More of That. You can listen to us on all major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp.

Closing music is from “My Pal Foot Foot” by The Shaggs.

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