0127: Family Acceptance Project with Kersti Spjut


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Host Lisa Butterworth interviews Dr. Kersti Spjut, a licensed clinical psychologist who works as clinical faculty member in Psychological Services at a university by day, and runs a private practice in the evenings. They discuss the Family Acceptance Project and facts of LDS Parents of LGBTQ youth.

  • The Family Acceptance Project (familyproject.sfsu.edu) – the absolute best resource. Start here! They have a video and pamphlet specifically for LDS families.
  • Mormons Building Bridges (mormonsbuildingbridges.org) -have a couple good info pages with links to articles and a glossary of terms.
  • Listen, Learn, & Love (listenlearnandlove.org/podcasts)-Richard Ostler’s podcast, about the experiences of LGBTQ members of the Church
  • PFLAG.org has lots of good resources
  • The Trevor Project (thetrevorproject.org) has good resources specifically for addressing suicidality.

Books for parents

The Transgender Teen by Stephanie Brill & Lisa KenneyThe

Transgender Child by Stephanie Brill & Rachel Papper

Raising the Transgender Child by Michele Angello & Alisa Bowman

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids by Dannielle Owens-Reid

Unconditional by Telaina Eriksen

Lisa Diamond Ted Talk “Born this Way”

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