A Powerful Spiritual Force Is Being Released In You!


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Welcome to DAY FIVE of the Morris Cerullo WINNING THE BATTLE FOR YOUR TONGUE School of Ministry podcast and today's powerful message A POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCE IS BEING RELEASED IN YOU! 75% OFF! GET THE FULL HOW TO WIN THE BATTLE OF THE TONGUE 6-DVD SET WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! SPECIAL PODCAST SOM OFFER - Get the full 6-DVD set for only $25! This is a $100 value! Call 1-800-514-1864 or click the link: https://give.mcwe.com/p-430-how-to-win-the-battle-of-the-tongue-6dvd-set.aspx?Source=FACEBOOK In this full length Morris Cerullo How To Win The Battle Of the Tongue School of Ministry you will discover: • Life And Death Are In The Power Of Your Tongue! • Turn Defeat Into Victory By Controlling Your Tongue! • Set A Watch Over Your Tongue! • Speak The Word With Power And Authority! • God's Word In Your Mouth Is A Powerful Living Force! • Speak The Word In The Power And Authority Of Christ! • Speak God's Word Into Your Circumstances! Click here to order https://give.mcwe.com/p-430-how-to-win-the-battle-of-the-tongue-6dvd-set.aspx?Source=FACEBOOK

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