Episode 19 - Revenge of the Deathlords


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Episode 19 - Revenge of the Deathlords In this episode, James interviews two of Australia’s most prominent Death players: Mike Thompson and Mat Tyrell! Mike stood on the podium at Call to Glory at Cancon last month, fighting his way to 3rd place with his Nagash army in one of the world’s largest Age of Sigmar tournaments, a mighty and most excellent achievement indeed! Mat took home the “Best Death” trophy at Call to Glory for the second time and is one of Australia’s most savvy Death generals, his Legion of Blood army winning 5 out of 6 games at the event. You may also know Mat as the infamous “Mayor of Dubbo”… Tune in for some quality Death and post-Call to Glory coverage! 00:00:00-00:15:50 - Introductions 00:15:50-01:17:53 - Mike’s Call to Glory experience 01:17:53-03:28:05 - Mat and James’ Call to Glory experiences and a bit about #stormcaststrong 03:28:05-03:32:19 - Outro song and outtake

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