Episode 21 - Hobbyist Highlight - Dan Brewer


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Episode 21 - Hobbyist Highlight - Dan Brewer In this episode we interview special guest, Dan Brewer. Many of you will already know Dan from the Australian tournament scene and from his many guest spots on other podcasts and youtube channels. A naturally adept gamer, Dan recently won the South Australian Grand Tournament in Adelaide and he has claimed many top 10 spots over the years, with frequent 2nd placings (earning him the title “The Bridesmaid”). However, there’s a deeper side to Dan which overtakes his gaming prowess and sustains him - his love for the hobby. Dan’s true Warhammer passion is painting and curating his beloved Tomb Kings and Skaven armies. We talk to Dan about how he got into the hobby, why he chose these armies, what inspires him and what informs his hobby. We also discuss his various painting techniques and methods and learn more about his hobby journey, with some sage advice for budding painters. You can follow Dan on twitter: @Dan_Brewer89 Chris’ twitter: @WoundedMortally James’ twitter/instagram: @DukeKhadric www.mortallywoundedpodcast.com www.facebook.com/mortallywoundedpodcast Sydney Slaughter 2019 - Tickets on sale now! https://www.facebook.com/events/377578256135950/ With thanks to our Sydney Slaughter 2019 sponsors: Company of Dice www.facebook.com/companyofdice Pro Painted Studios www.propaintedstudios.co.uk War and Peace Games www.warandpeacegames.com.au Avatars of War www.avatars-of-war.com More sponsors to be announced!

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