Episode 26 - Hobbyist Highlight - Ben Spinetti


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Mortally Wounded Podcast Episode 26 - Hobbyist Highlight - Ben Spinetti In this episode, we interview Ben Spinetti, one of Sydney’s Kharadron Overlords and Idoneth Deepkin hobbyists. He’s known in the scene for being the only man (we know of) who runs Akhelian Allopexes (SHARKS!) in his army. More importantly, he’s a painting hot-shot who loves the hobby and has painted up an eye catching Idoneth Deepkin army which has won a few awards recently, particularly for his immersive terrain - winning Best Terrain at Call to Glory 2019 and Regiment of Renown at Sydney Slaughter 2019 for his gorgeously painted Akhelian Allopex unit. We chat all about his approach to the hobby, what informs his unit choices, how he goes about choosing his colour schemes, techniques, planning and more! 00:00:00-01:40:00 - Intro and interview with Ben 01:40:00-01:42:24 - Outro Song and bloopers - Music by one of James’ old mates, Brian Campeau. “Losing Friends” from his album “Old Dog, New Tricks”

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