Episode 35b - Cities Of Sigmar - Top Picks And Hammerhal


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On this episode, part b in our Cities of Sigmar series, Chris is joined by special guest Simon Hall, who some people may have seen playing on the HonestWargamer live steam at Cancon 2020 on Table 1 Round 6, playing for the event. Chris and Simon discuss some of their top pick units for Cities of Sigmar armies and discuss the first of the seven Cities, Hammerhal in detail. If you'd like to get in touch with either Chris or Simon to give us any feedback on this episode or pick their brains on anything AoS related, you can find Chris @WoundedMortally and Simon @ZweihanderHall on Twitter. As always we hope you enjoy and stay tuned for part c in this series where we'll be discussing, Living City, Greywater Fastness and Phoenicium in detail.

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