SEASON 3 TRAILER - We’re Back! And We’re Not Backing Down!


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It’s mad, sad, exhausting and unfair. So what do we fight for and how do we get there? Climate justice is racial justice is gender justice. That’s how.

Mothers of Invention is back! And this year, Mary, Maeve & Thimali are (kinda) reunited for a season to remember. From their home studios in Dublin & New York, Season 3 unfolds an unparalleled line-up of Mothers from every continent on the globe.

This season, Mothers of Invention explores the most critical climate issues of our time - reparations, immigration, agriculture, biodiversity, new economics and more! Together they rethink the value systems we’re getting ready to leave behind, and with care and compassion, reimagine a future that includes us all.

The climate crisis is a man-made problem with a feminist solution! And we’re not backing down!

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