Ballet for the 21st Century - Ballet and Mental Health - The Survey Pt II


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In part II of our episode on mental health and the classically trained ballet dancer, Emma Lister talks to counsellor (and ex-dancer) Terry Hyde. They discuss the symptoms and triggers of panic attacks and depression, the loss of identity that plagues dancers when they leave the profession and the danger of pushing your feelings away. Terry also speak frankly about how the dance world needs to ‘call out the bullies’.
If you missed part I of this episode, go back and listen to it now! In it, Emma is joined by cohost Zoë Ashe-Browne, they discuss a 30 question survey released to ballet dancers with questions about their mental health, training and professional life -- over 400 hundred dancers took part.
Zoë, joins us near the end of the show to put forward some constructive suggestions for the dance world based on what we've learnt.
Terry Hyde MA MBACP
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Twitter: @moshmapod
This episode was slightly altered April, 2021
This mini-series has been made possible by a grant using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
...and here's the Theresa Ruth Howard talk that Shelby Williams referenced in Pt I.

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