Dance in the Time of Corona - Pay Your Dancers


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In this, the first episode of our mini-series Dance in the Time of Corona, Emma Lister is joined by cohosts Zoë Ashe-Browne and Shelby Williams. They reveal the results of a survey they conducted after the controversial Venice Biennale College Danza audition call and the ensuing movement: #payyourdancers.
The survey was open to ALL professional dancers, past and present. Respondents represented every corner of the dance world: Jazz dancers, tap dancers, commercial, Irish, Hip Hop, classical Indian, classical ballet, contemporary, musical theatre and ballroom. What do they all have in common? Well, 92% had seen something advertised or were approached about unpaid work. When is this OK? When is it exploitative? How will the pandemic affect dancers being offered such work?

Featuring an interview with Friedrich Pohl, of Dancers Connect.


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