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Finnish circus artist Sakari Männistö is a performer recognised for his innovative, technical juggling. In this week’s podcast, he and Emma Lister discuss the solitary nature of juggling practice, his most memorable performance and what he did when he lost all the footage during the making of his cult video Juggle Doll (with no back up)! They also discuss his new project UNUM, as well as Jong, his collaboration with Finnish composer Lotta Wennakoski— a piece for juggler and chamber orchestra.
Sakari’s website:

The UNUM 360 circus project.
This project is supported by The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’ Together Alone project, and produced by Agit-Cirk.
Jong was composed by Lotta Wennäkoski and commissioned by Agit-Cirk. The piece was co-produced by Agit-Cirk and Lapland Chamber Orchestra and premiered at Korundi, in Rovaniemi 2013, with conductor John Storgårds.
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