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Collier Landry is the creator and subject of the ID documentary “A Murder in Mansfield”. On New Year's Eve 1989, he awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of two loud thuds. The next morning, when his mother was missing, Collier knew she was no longer alive. Treated as a "missing persons" case, no one believed him except one detective. Twenty-five days later, police found his mother's body buried beneath the floor of his father's new home he purchased with his mistress. Collier had witnessed a murder, and at the age of twelve, he testified against his father, Dr. John F. Boyle, at his month-long murder trial. He is still incarcerated to this day. Every Friday, Collier shares his unique perspective on surviving true crime, the unanswered questions behind murder, its motives, and moving on. Collier has spent hi life crafting a passionate and robust message of human resilience, hope, and personal triumph over adversity. It is his hope that this podcast serves as a kind of therapy and reconciliation for himself and his audience who are processing betrayal and dark trauma in their own lives. Welcome to Moving Past Murder.

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