Episode #204 How to go from Cricket to Pilot Freeze!🔥


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Vid: https://youtu.be/fYERrfBEaKo 🔥 At the 1:56 mark he starts with a basic cricket freeze, elbow in side, power arm out! 🔥 At the 2:31 mark he shows the pilot freeze, if you don’t know that go to the vid! 🔥At the 3:35 mark he works on the transition from cricket to pilot. Keeping the head on the ground and arms don’t move! ( this is a great drill with counts) 🔥 At the 5:07 mark he takes his shoes off and instead of going one leg at a time he slides both legs forward and then up! 🔥At the 5:38 mark he combines the slide turn up to make one motion! 🔑 At the 7:54 mark he shows the final stage and that is to do the whole thing with the legs not touching! Online breaking class: https://www.patreon.com/Vincanitv

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