Faithless Brewing: Everything Is Magma Opus: Five Brews for the Prismari Virtuoso (ft. ManaCymbal)


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Strixhaven, Episode 8: Magma Opus (Brew Session) + Kasmina, Enigma Sage (Flashback)

Eight mana, no problems. Big, flashy mythics are usually destined for Commander rather than serious constructed play, but Magma Opus might be different. The option to make a quick Treasure, while conveniently stashing your payoff spell in the graveyard, opens up a whole canvas of possibilities. From big mana engines to Torrential Gearhulk, there's plenty of options for the Prismari combo virtuoso. We break down five new decks for cheating out Magma Opus in Modern and Pioneer, with a little help from returning guest Zach "ManaCymbal" Ryl. Meanwhile on the Flashback, last week's decks with Kasmina, Enigma Sage racked up way more wins than expected (and a healthy dose of losses as well). Clearly Kasmina is a synergy piece with very little standalone power, but which payoffs unlock her -8 most effectively? Enter the Infinite notched a 4-1, but Obliterate, Emergent Ultimatum, and even Body of Research made cameo appearances in our test leagues.


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