Faithless Brewing: Is It Safe to Play Paper Magic Again?


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Strixhaven, Episode 13: This Week in Brewing (May 14, 2021)

Paper Magic is returning on May 28, and Wizards is promising a legendary summer. But should you feel comfortable going to the LGS? There's lots to think about, but it all starts with getting vaccinated. If you have the ability to get your shot, go do it! As for the Summer of Legend the biggest hype is surely going to be Modern Horizons 2. The sneak peek alone gave us a format defining Counterspell, a Legacy powered creature, and a Saga that could very well reshape the format -- not to mention a pair of sweet callbacks to Lion's Eye Diamond and Brainstorm. We also analyze the five sneak peek cards from Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, headlined by Portable Hole. A lot has happened in the two days since we recorded this, including the disbanding of the Magic Pro League and new CDC guidance for vaccinated people and mask wearing. But spoiler hype is evergreen. Modern Horizons 2 already looks like game changer and we still have 240 more cards to go!

STX #13 At a Glance

[3:19] The Summer of Legend [5:38] Paper Play Is Back [12:50] MH2 Finance [19:29] Counterspell [25:43] Sanctum Prelate [29:12] Urza’s Saga [41:11] Brainstone [47:28] Diamond Lion [53:04] Portable Hole [57:33] Prosperous Innkeeper [1:00:42] Power Word Kill [1:01:41] Vorpal Sword [1:04:01] Tiamat


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