Faithless Brewing: Sedgemoor Witch: 99 Problems But a Witch Ain't One


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Strixhaven, Episode 12: Sedgemoor Witch

At first glance, Sedgemoor Witch looks like more of the same: Monastery Mentor and Young Pyromancer are already fine options, and neither sees widespread play in Modern or Pioneer. Giving up Lurrus of the Dream-Den is a huge cost, and the Witch also doesn't get triggers from Mishra's Bauble, planeswalkers, or the like. But look closely at that wall of text -- peer deep into the Witch's haunting, hollow eyes -- and a unique skill set begins to emerge that neither Pyromancer nor Mentor can boast. Aggressive stats and more useful tokens are just the beginning. Copying your spells, particularly with synergistic pieces like Plumb the Forbidden or Flusterstorm, opens up entirely new lines of attack. And most importantly, Sedgemoor Witch is black, bring the power of the pyromancer to archetypes and mana configurations that previously did not have access to the effect. Rarely to do we get a chance to brew around a card that is making waves in Legacy and even Vintage but has been quiet so far in Modern and Pioneer. Let's fire up the cauldron and see what the witch can do!


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