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The title sums up todays podcast, but I will elaborate a touch below.

Today I am back for another catch up with you all, after sharing your favourite episodes were with me, I couldn't keep you waiting for another catch up!

I am chatting motherhood, the emotions that come with, overwhelm, Amandines transition from balance to pedal bike without stabilisers, Elwoods birthday, vaccinations, sleep and preparing for our drive to France with the kiddos.

Within this podcast I also share and review Elwood's next stage car seat the Sirona Z i-size which was kindly given to us as an ongoing collaboration with Cybex. Both Amandine and Elwood have their car seats and I highly recommend them.

Keep an eye on instagram this week @mumtalkpodcast where I will visually share a lot of what I am chatting about within this epiosde of the podcast.

I hope you enjoy listening, next week Hollie from The Bump Plan will be joining us to talk all things Fitness in Pregnancy.

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