36 - He Let Ed Teabag Him, Right?


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The Randomizer spat out “Prodigy” (Season 3, Episode 13), a true gem of an episode of SVU which took Adam and Josh on quite the journey. Michael Pitt playing an apparent future serial killer and doing it spectacularly? Check. Continuing disparagement of van owners that cuts Adam to the bone? Check. Add the brainmelting first appearance of Mike Doyle as Not O’Halloran, staging victims in weird sexual poses so the perp can write about it for his prison masturbating buddies, the hazards of huffing Pam, and problematic content for days, and you’ve got the recipe for a truly special journey through the twisted darkness of the Dickwolf Universe.


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

10:19 - Basement Jaxx - “Where’s Your Head At” from Rooty (2001)

31:54 - The Icicle Works - “Chop the Tree” from The Icicle Works (1984)

40:57 - The Prodigy - “3 Kilos” from Music for the Jilted Generation (1994)

58:19 - The National - “Mr. November” from Alligator (2006)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 3, Episode 15 “Execution”

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