37 - Our Job Is To Sit There And Enjoy It


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The Munch My Benson Boys dive into yet another Season 3 ep of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit this week with "Execution" (S3E15), which forces us to confront a few disturbing questions: Can necrophilia be mundane? How did people choose a cable TV package in the early/mid 1990s? How much did Kristaps Porzingis break Knicks fans' hearts? And of course, how did Nic Cage's hair look so dang good in Con Air? Word of caution, this episode is extremely dark, even by SVU standards.


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

11:19 - George S. Clinton - "Red Shoe Diaries Theme" from Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

21:41 - Billy Joel - "Only The Good Die Young" from The Stranger (1977)

30:08 - Apocalyptica - "Nothing Else Matters" from Inquisition Symphony (1998)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 15, Episode 6 "October Surprise"

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