39 - We're Looking At This Sandwich Handling Through Pandemic Eyes


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What do Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Knicks' great Allan Houston, and legendary Austin corpse defiler Laura Hall have in common? Well, they are but a small taste of the wild series of digressions the Munchie boys take as they review "Choice" (S5E7), an episode of SVU that features a host of recognizable actresses from the past. Small business owners and customer service professionals will be especially interested in Josh's excellent advice on how not to talk to your customers.


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

10:34 - Sammy Davis Jr. - "Wagon Wheels" from Sammy Davis Jr. Capitol Collector's Series (1989)

25:33 - The Art Of Noise - "Dragnet '88" from Dragnet (1987)

42:41 - The Pizza Underground - "Cheese Days" from The Pizza Underground Demo (2013)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 17, Epsiode 8 "Melancholy Pursuit"

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