41 - When You Can Say Wang, You're Going To Say Wang, Right?


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Today's SVU episode ("Hothouse" S10E12) takes some fairly wild turns between drifting bodies, Ukrainian prostitution rings, elite prep schools, and the New Jersey justice system, but somehow Josh and Adam take it even further. We discuss tide charts, the identity of "the rich man's Bryan Brown," the concept of Zugzwang, and the fate of Imre Nagy among many, MANY, other things.


49 Beverly Park

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Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

08:26 - The Paragons - "The Tide Is High" from The Tide Is High (1967)

24:34 - Boney M - "Rasputin" from Nightflight To Venus (1978)

39:18 - Indiggo - "La La La" from La La La (2011)

59:59 - Murray Head - "One Night In Bangkok" from Chess (1983)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 7, Episode 21 "Web"

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