42 - Whenever I Get Touched In An Unsafe Way, I Say Yes, Then I Make A Mess


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Where to begin with "Web" (S7E21)? Benson isn’t Stabler’s partner and is working in Computer Crimes. You’ve got the most aggressive sexualizing of a minor yet covered in the annals of Munch My Benson with Connor Paolo returning in one of the most insane episodes of SVU imaginable. There’s a shocking bout of TARU brutality. Kids are making mid-six-figures on their tween twink porn sites. Pedos are catfished. And the cold open's got the Molesto Muppets. This very episode was one of the handful Adam had in mind when the pod was a zygote in our hive-womb, and it DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT.

Utter insanity abounds. Hold onto your butts, kiddos.


CAPP (Molesto Muppets) Official Website

Profile on Stuntman Tim Gallin


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

17:34 - Stevedore Steve - “Hard Workin’ Men” from Hard Workin’ Men (1971)

25:31 - John Cougar Mellencamp - “Rave On” from Cocktail - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987)

37:16 - Atmosphere - “Pour Me Another (Another Poor Me)” from You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having (2005)

48:12 - Giorgio Moroder - “In the Middle of the Knight” from Knights in White Satin (1976)

1:04:55 - Bessie Smith - “A Good Man is Hard to Find” (1927)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 11, Episode 8 “Turmoil”

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