43 - Another Second Unit Photoshoot Gone Wild


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Though "Turmoil" (S11E8) was not the best SVU in the series, this slapped together melange of homoerotic fan service, intra-Stabler household drama, impossible travel times, and substandard professional ethics does provide the Munch My Benson boys with plenty of food for thought: Did Dickie Stabler kill Bin Laden? Just how many bodies did Elliot drop this episode? And, of course, is redemption even possible in this economy?


Shana Dowdeswell's sad story


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

11:36 - Hank Williams - "Ramblin' Man" from Low Down Blues (1995)

23:44 - Forte - "The Prayer" from America's Got Talent 2013 Finals (2013)

29:16 - Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple - "Father And Son" from Unearthed (2003)

41:43 - Chet Atkins - "Alley Cat" from Teen Scene (1963)

Next Week’s Episode: Season 6, Episode 22 "Parts"

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