45 - There's A Goddamn Robot From Rocky IV And They Did Not Use It


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What happens when a quaint little ripped-from-the-headlines Law and Order: SVU plot becomes a raging storm of insanity that sweeps the nation and leads a ragtag mob of jet ski dealers, realtors, and Neo-Nazi extremists to invade the United States Capitol? Well, the Munchie crew does their level best to answer this question and many many more as they watched "Real Fake News" (s18e17). Do you want to know what a teenaged Adam was watching at 1 in the morning on Austin cable access? Are you intrigued by the concept of a hot pot fusion restaurant that fully immerses you in a 4D psychedelic experience? Are you ready to mainline some pro-MSG propaganda and get fully Umamipilled? Everything they told you is a lie, unless, of course, they told you to fire up this hot Munch My Benson.


LA Times - The Truth Behind 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome' Will Shock You!

Frontline - United States of Conspiracy

Rolling Stone - Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

10:31 - Betty Chung - "Bang Bang" from Bang Bang (1968)

30:18 - Chang Loo - "Sixteen Tons" from Ladies of Chinese Song (2012)

57:10 - Faye Wong - "Dreams" from Random Thoughts (1994)

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