Episode 25: Henry Gallagher


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Episode 25: Henry Gallagher. On 18 May 1980, four medical students were playing football when one accidentally knocked the ball over the fence at number 2 Roseangle in Dundee, Scotland. Whilst retrieving the ball, the student glanced through the window of the house and was arrested by what he saw. Inside was what police later described as a crime scene resembling an abattoir. Why was an infirm, retired, well liked doctor and his wife attacked in their home? Why did the murderer go on to commit another heinous double murder in the following few days and what became of him after he was caught? Listen as Joannagh takes you through the case.
Case research by Joannagh Shanks
Produced by Emma Taylor & Joannagh Shanks
Editing by Shaun O'Neill
Music by Tribe of Noise
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