Victims of Injustice: Black Lives Matter


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As podcasters, we have a platform and duty to speak up and call out injustice. In light of the murder of George Floyd, we have come together in solidarity to use our platform to speak up against racial injustice and amplify the voices of black podcasters that deserve more recognition. Racism is prevalent in all industries; from the media who under-report on black victims to the justice system which routinely fails black victims. In this collaborative episode, we document black history and current events with the voices of those who have lived through it.Special thanks to: Tasha from Sinister Silhouettes Andre and Battle from Bruh Issa Murder Serena from Handcuffed Podcast Aaron from True Crime? Never Heard of it Rashad from Blood and Firewater from Hard Truths JiJi from Noir True Crime Files by: CrimeLapse, Morbidology, Sinister Silhouettes, Bruh Issa Murder, Handcuffed Podcast, True Crime? Never Heard of it, Blood and Firewater, Hard Truths Podcast, Noir True Crime Files and All Things EeerieProduced by: CrimeLapse and MorbidologyGraphics by: Death by ChampagneThanks to: Reverie: True Crime Podcast, Evidence of a Crime, All Things Eeerie, It’s Murder Up North, The True Crime Witch, Writing About Crime, Death by Champagne, Murder She Spoke, Murder and More, Always Time for True Crime, Malice, Hometown Homicide, Brew Crime, Our True Crime Podcast SOURCES USED!Aruxcr9oXxgyhSlMHkn8jhRAytCK?e=Ja7h1oHOW TO HELP Black Lives Matter - Black Lives Matter U.K. - George Floyd Memorial Fund - The Minnesota Freedom Fund - The Bail Project - Black Visions Collective - Reclaim the Block - Steven Lawrence Charitable Trust - Black Minds Matter - Stop Watch - Movement for Black Lives - Irish Network Against Racism - Show Racism the Red Card - the Victims - Black Protest Legal Support for BLM protestors in the UK - Justice for Grenfell - Kwanda - United Friends and Families Campaign - Inquest - Resourcing Racial Justice - The Reach Out Project - Loudly Fund for Queer Black Young People in the UK - with links to places you can donate -

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