Ep 22: Climate change impacts on marine invertebrates with Dr Sue-Ann Watson


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Imagine you’re a scientist, diving into the freezing cold waters of the Antarctic. You’re not there to observe the larger organisms so closely associated with that part of the world - whales, seals and impossibly cute penguins - but the smallest: the marine invertebrates. What is it about these lesser-known creatures, the ones we rarely think of, that would entice you into those icy waters? What are the impacts of climate change on these ocean creatures? Have you ever heard of ocean acidification?

Dr Sue-Ann Watson, Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Queensland Museum Network and senior research fellow at James Cook University, joins us to chat about her fascinating work.

Host: Laura Cantrell
‘Stories and Mysteries’ written and played by Darryl Potter and recorded by Kim Sewell.
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