082 - Jaime Slutzky and Andrea Miller on Expanding Online


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A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jamie Slutzky of the expand online podcast to talk about some of the many ways music teachers can expand their businesses.

Today, I'm going to be rebroadcasting Jaime's show here on my feed.

But before I do that I want to talk about the Expand Online Summit that I briefly mentioned at the end of the show last week.

Jaime also happens to be the coordinator for this Summit. It features more than a dozen master classes and interviews with some fantastic music teachers and entrepreneurs.

I'll be presenting a master class on setting up your music studio. If you've ever been curious about my Business Building 101 course, this is like a super mini version of that course. I packed as much as I could into 25-minute master class so it’ll give you a really good start, and it's also a great opportunity to see if the full course might be up your alley.

The summit runs from May 3rd through 7th. I think it'll be inspirational and a great way to jump start your summer studio goals AND it's completely free.

I’ll have all the info in the show notes for this episode at MusicStudioStartup.com/episode082 and when you register, be sure to use my link so Jaime will know you’re with me.

A full transcript and resources from this episode can be found at MusicStudioStartup.com/episode082.

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