MWM. 13 – Mayweather V. Pacquiao Predictions


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Note: Recorded on 3.7.15

The first topic is a community topic and its on Mayweather vs Pacquiao. We give our predictions and analyze historical data on both fighters and the panel ultimately gets split down the middle on who wins.

Carlo wants to discuss police officers line of duty and convey the stress levels that they feel while working. He also wants to know why we as a society act the way we do especially in instances involving cops.

Juan Jr. wants to know what we would get rid of in this world? Juan wants to eradicate stupidity and ignorance and appreciates Hitler. Carlo wants to tackle poverty and economics. Isai has a thing against social media, anti-hunters, and obesity. Luis sees no point in hard drugs or processed foods/trans fats. We also chime in on very briefly on marriage and STDs.

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